At the beginning, 800 hours of practice seemed like it was going to take me 400, as my previous experience had me rolling through the first half of training in only a matter of weeks. Then I arrived at the Basic Algorithm Scripting section of bonfires and some of them were a bit of a struggle. But after a couple of pair programming sessions, questions in the chat rooms, Google and Stack Overflow searches, and a lot of trial and error, I am now past that stage. As much as I’ve been wanting to keep up with this blog and a redesign of my personal site, I’d rather just get back to camp. Here is a dump of all of my bonfires thus far (minus the first couple that I forgot to save, which unfortunately Free Code Camp doesn’t do for you). Hopefully these can give hints to others as they progress through camp.
Bonfire: Factorialize a Number
Bonfire: Check for Palindromes
Bonfire: Find the Longest Word in a String
Bonfire: Title Case a Sentence
Bonfire: Return Largest Numbers in Arrays
Bonfire: Confirm the Ending
Bonfire: Repeat a string repeat a string
Bonfire: Truncate a string
Bonfire: Chunky Monkey
Bonfire: Slasher Flick
Bonfire: Mutations
Bonfire: Falsey Bouncer
Bonfire: Where art thou
Bonfire: Seek and Destroy
Bonfire: Where do I belong
Bonfire: Sum All Numbers in a Range
Bonfire: Diff Two Arrays
Bonfire: Roman Numeral Converter
Bonfire: Search and Replace
Bonfire: Pig Latin
Bonfire: DNA Pairing
Bonfire: Missing letters
Bonfire: Boo who
Bonfire: Sorted Union
Bonfire: Convert HTML Entities
Bonfire: Spinal Tap Case
Bonfire: Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Bonfire: Sum All Primes
Bonfire: Smallest Common Multiple
Bonfire: Finders Keepers
Bonfire: Drop it
Bonfire: Steamroller
Bonfire: Binary Agents
Bonfire: Everything Be True
Bonfire: Arguments Optional