Final Update of 2015

Finishing Free Code Camp has become my white rabbit, or is it white whale? For the past few months, the closer I would get to finishing my full stack certification, the more I would see new lessons appear and the overall program structure change. Now, as 2015 comes to a close, Free Code Camp is making their largest program changes to date, with the implementation of two new certifications – data visualization and back end development. Do these two new certifications make my whalerabbit swimhop a bit further away? Sure. But as far as I’m concerned, this change just adds a whole new set of skills to be learned, and I’m eager to get on them.

Right now I’m in the midst of the NPM/Node.js/Express.js/MongoDB section, and I’m not terribly impressed with the content. These command-line tutorials have been a bit hard to follow, which has brought me back to Treehouse a lot recently. As I continue to progress, I’m starting to find new holes in my knowledge that Treehouse has been able to fill quite well, such as their console foundations course. I’m starting to get the hang of Git, but I think I’m going to take another introductory course to really hammer it down.

Most of all, I’m excited for the new API Basejump projects that are coming soon to Free Code Camp. Going to take a little time off from coding for the holidays to fish and spend time with friends and family, so hopefully those are ready for me to dive into come 2016.