Michael Lefkowitz

A visual guide to the React Native TextInput keyboardType prop values

April 30, 2018

I recently did a search for images of the available values of the keyboardType prop on the TextInput component for React Native and was unable to find anything easily. So, here is a collection of all the available keyboard types currently on React Native v0.55 on iOS 11 and Android 8.

keyboardType iOS Android
default 01default a01default
numeric 02numeric a02numeric
email-address 03email address a03email address
phone-pad 04phone pad a04phone pad
ascii-capable 05ascii capable
numbers-and-punctuation 06numbers and punctuation
url 07url
number-pad 08number pad
name-phone-pad 09name phone pad
initializes on ‘default’
decimal-pad 10decimal pad
twitter 11twitter
web-search 12web search
visible-password a13visible password
with secureTextEntry flag