Michael Lefkowitz

How to create custom forms with validation and scroll to invalid logic in React Native (Part three: Improvements)

October 07, 2019

In the last part of this series, I’ll go over some ways we can further improve our custom validation forms and share some final thoughts on handling forms in React Native.

How to create custom forms with validation and scroll to invalid logic in React Native (Part two: Scroll to invalid)

July 08, 2019

In the first part of this series, we walked through creating a simple form with some helper methods that enabled us to roll our own validation logic…

How to create custom forms with validation and scroll to invalid logic in React Native (Part one: Validation)

May 07, 2019

When we started our first rewrite into React Native in late 2017, we knew our app was going to have quite a few forms that our providers would need to fill out…

React Native, one year later: what we've learned

February 16, 2019

In late 2017, we began the ambitious task of rewriting one or our mobile apps from the ground up from Ionic 1/AngularJS to React Native…

Handle React Native crashes with the componentDidCatch error boundary

August 22, 2018

React 16 allows you to catch JavaScript errors inside of your components, which is great if you’re aware of a particular component that is…

A visual guide to the React Native TextInput keyboardType prop values

April 30, 2018

I recently did a search for images of the available values of the keyboardType prop on the TextInput component for React Native and was unable to find anything easily…

Share an external USB drive via Samba on your Raspberry Pi

April 25, 2017

Over this past weekend, I finally setup a network share via Samba on my Raspberry Pi with an old external USB hard drive I had laying around…

Using Reduce - Going beyond addition

December 22, 2016

Today I had the opportunity to do a lightning talk of sorts on a development topic of my choosing. I decided to cover Javascript’s reduce…

Build an Image Search Microservice with the Imgur API

November 01, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to touch Free Code Camp backend projects, but during my week off I decided to build out the next API…

PGP Encryption

October 09, 2016

A few weeks ago I gave a lightning talk on a piece of technology that I personally am fascinated with, PGP encryption. To anyone who is new…

Promises - What are they and how do I use them?

September 25, 2016

While Javascript is single threaded, we as humans are not. We have the ability to process multiple requests at the same time. This enables…

Time Complexity and Logarithmic Bar Tricks

September 11, 2016

In the past couple of days, we have dived deep into data structures and time complexity. Learning the intricacies of computer science has…

Building a URL Shortener with MongoDB, Express, and Node.js

May 05, 2016

Personally, it wasn’t until I had done a few laps around Node.js until I finally felt like I had got my head around what it was capable of…